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Diebold Nixdorf is an American multinational financial and retail technology company that specializes in the sale, manufacture, installation and service of self-service transaction systems (such as ATMs and currency processing systems), point-of-sale terminals, physical security products, and software and related services for global financial, retail, and commercial markets.

A former employee mentioned, "Never trust management at Diebold. The job is a great job and the fellow employees are great. The benefits are good but the stress combined with extremely horrible management makes for a very stressful workplace."


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Associate (Former Employee) says

"The place was clean and looked to educate it employees. But the only way to move up was bad mouth the other employees. They say family oriented but thats a total line on bs. Would not recommend anyone i know to work there.Was a clean shopEveryone will stab you to promote themelves"

Tow Motor Operator (Former Employee) says

"Horrible pay dont waste your time here,13 is top pay. Unless you wanna live in your parents basement for the rest of your life, or in a box under a bridge, then by all means take the job. Good shiftPay pay pay"

Project Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"IF YOU GO TO HUMAN RESOURCES about being treated wrongly by a manager you will be laid-off and told your position is no longer necessary. I was there for approximately 1 month. Training....ya you watch someone click on buttons to do this this and this and when asked why this this and this was being done you are told to just do it. You will be thrown on a project and then yelled at if you make a mistak. MANAGEMENT IS COMPLETELY BRASH AND UNPROFESSIONAL. I have 2 masters degrees and in my 21 years as a professional never once have I been treated this way. The one instance that I asked for more training I was told by a manager that "they didn't care about my training and he was having system issues and really didn't again care" and then abruptly hung up on me. This was/is only a slight glimpse of how their management talks to their employees. Also, i was told by my other cohorts that this manager was suspended multiple other times for his unprofessional actions."

Martial handler (Former Employee) says

"All the others did were complain all the time. The older people were so negative and the younger all the talked about was partying. I did not fit into either so i stood out. I was a temp and was told i would be hired in after a certain time, that was a bold faced lie. For the amount of work we were required to do the pay was way below fair and temps were treated like dirt. They also made us work holidays and mandatory weekends. Management was horrible and treated you like dirt too. I was elated when i got the call from my temp rep that i was being laid off after 9 months of busting butt and no future in sight."

Assistente técnico ITS I (Former Employee) says

"Os técnicos não tem valor; gestores não conhece o trabalho, são chefes e de longe líderes; a empresa não fornece treinamento e não há como crescer profissionalmente; paga-se muito pouco.Assistência médica e odontológico; VR suficiente."

Ingeniero de Servicio (Former Employee) says

"Tienen una mala organización cuando llegas como Ingeniero de Servicio no saben que hacer contigo te mandan a campo con otro ingeniero(ya con experiencia) pase mas de dos meses así y desde ahí no vuelven a saber de ti hasta que tu les marcas (si corres con suerte te responden la llamada) para saber como se te pagaran los gastos que haces para trasladarte de sucursal a sucursal te dicen que llenes un formato que nunca te hacen llegar y cuando ya lo consigues hay que mandarlo y por lo cual nunca hay alguna respuesta en mi caso me quedaron a deber los pasajes aun que entre por Outsourcing ellos tampoco te resuelven ese asunto."

Human Resource Specialist (Former Employee) says

"When I started the pay wasn’t fabulous, but I loved my supervisor and the work I was doing in HR. My most recent supervisor was an incompetent tyrant with unreasonable expectations. I complained to her as well as the “higher ups” about the poor working conditions. They didn’t care. This person is responsible for the mass exodus of global HR. I’ve since found a position that is better pay, better working conditions and FAR less stress. She did me a favor."

Service Technician (Former Employee) says

"Management doesn't care about you and are ready to throw you under the bus to cover their own skin. They forget about all the times people step up to help with OT. Second line has mandated OT hours and on call. Company car is monitored 24/7 as well as you. Management is always breathing down your neck micromanaging everything."

Custom Product Assembler (Former Employee) says

"Awful experience. No organization micro management rushing workers to fill there quotes long hours no apprehension of the work they do so very unskilled management"

Slave (Former Employee) says

"Bad place to work Manger was totally incompetent and passed the buck regular Dont value the real workers Was often criticised for no reason Wages no good for expectations Poor structure"

Associate ServiceTechnician (Former Employee) says

"The management here is horrible, they show no interest in their employees. They want you to do your work, cash your checks and keep quiet, which I would have gladly done if the paid better and provided the necessary tools to do the job. This is a high risk job that requires you to have an armed guard watch your back while you work on atms, a guard was almost never available."

Dispatcher (Former Employee) says

"The job is ok, it's the management and ridiculous policies that are implemented by certain departments. One department has their set of rules, another theirs and there is the "call center" and their polices, even though were all under "the same umbrella". Moral is is awful and large turn over.NoneEverything"

ATM Service Engineer (Former Employee) says

"There is no time limit for this job for ATM service engineer. we start work at morning 6 may be it will completed around 11 pm to 12 pm. increment is around 500 rs to 1000 rs. there is no leaves. 24*7 should available. travelling job. please don't join as a ATM service engineer in dieboldnixdorf. other than this job in diebold it is nice.Very long hour duty"

Senior Field Service Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Very political environment and back stabbing . Terrible work life balance Worked all holidays and weekends Managers look to embarrass you . Need more days off"

ATM Field Technician (Former Employee) says

"The company's shares dropped because the company is poorly ran I've been aboard for three years and there is no opportunity to grow. They have a policy for vacation that you need someone to cover for you or you can't take your vacation,the navigators don't know the area so that means you will end up driving for more then a hour to get to a site.There's a GPS device on board the company vehicle it's not a problem that they want to know where you are some people needed to monitored its the remote driving that doesn't work you have to drive with traffic on major highways the device goes off when you are 7 miles over its doesn't matter if you have a good reason the device stops productivity( Travel time and speed ) Management don't do what there suppose to do they have favorites to many techs get away with doing nothing while others have to work they have tried this on call policy that doesn't work.We have a 401 k plan that isn't being matched the hourly rate doesn't match the job description. IF you are looking for a company to grow with in the future this company has to many road blocks I talked to other individuals who have worked for this company in the past and the rapport is not good for people with long term goals to invest in,t.an invest your time and money into that will benefit you the ATM needs are and will continue to grow well into future."

Call Center Agent (Former Employee) says

"Ich war etwas über 2 Jahre als Callcenter-Agent in diesem Laden und kann nur jeden warnen, dort anzufangen. Es sei denn, er hat Lust, bald einen gehörigen Knacks im Oberstübchen zu bekommen oder aber komplett abzustumpfen. Das fängt schon mit der "Ausbildung" dort an, die ganze 3 Wochen dauert. Das klingt nach genügend Zeit, aber bei der Zahl der zu supportenden Geräte ist es der berühmte Tropfen auf den heißen Stein. Danach folgt eine Woche, in der einem ein erfahrener Agent an die Seite gesetzt wird und einen unterstützt, während man ins kalte Wasser geworfen,d.h. den Kunden zum Fraß vorgeworfen wird. Und die Kunden haben es z.T. echt in sich. Der mit Abstand häufigste Fehler ist wohl, dass die Kunden zu faul sind, die vorgeschriebene tägliche Reinigung vornehmen, sondern glauben, es ginge schneller, wenn sie beim Support anrufen. Entsprechend mies ist ihre Laune, wenn man ihnen mal wieder sagen muss, dass man aus der Ferne nun mal nicht die Aufgaben der Kunden selbst übernehmen kann und man bestimmt keinen Techniker schicken wird, weil sie zu faul sind, die 3min Reinigungsprogramm selbst zu absolvieren. Für einen Außenstehenden mögen sich solche Sachen belanglos anhören, aber man macht sich keine Vorstellungen, wie belastend solche Anrufer für den Callcenter-Agenten sind. Weitaus belastender sind aber die internen Marotten im Callcenter. Das fängt bei einer Vorgesetzten an, die gerne mal "Ich schmeiß euch alle raus!" durchs Callcenter brüllt und Mitarbeiter nur zu gerne in die Pfanne haut, wenn sie dadurch bei ihren eigenen Vorgesetzten besser dasteht. Von ihrer hohlenSiehe Text"

Field Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Long hours are expected from you and you have to sign a waiver to accept 48 hour plus working weeks. Most weeks will be in excess of 60 hours. Only get 4 days rest in 21 days worked with a 1week in 3 requiring a 24/7 shift pattern. ALL training is via PDF. Management rule the world and beat you up with the BIG STICK policy. Workplace culture is non existent as you are on your own most of the time. All vans are fitted with a BLACK BOX and are always checked. Pay is particularly poor. Avoid unless you are desperate for a job.Get free Costa Coffees!Long hours, indifferent management, no family life."

Assembly Worker (Former Employee) says

"I didn't have a great experience while working here management was no good the people there were really nice but management started firing a lot of good works! It was like you could never do enough"

Director - Customer Contact Centers (Former Employee) says

"Corporate decisions were driven in Paderborn, Germany and either they didn't understand or didn't want to invest in what was needed to make US banking customers happy. Low margin deals with huge vendors made supporting our customers extremely challenging.Good co-workersPoor strategic decision making at exec levels"

First Line (Former Employee) says

"Underpay big time, The zones where to big you run about 80K miles a year, boss nonexistence poor leadership does not manage bad employee's well at all. The health benefits where bad I always end paying out of pocket even after the insurance pays there share. The problem is they sell ATM's to banks and the bank's put its own software which ends up causing a lot of problems. The repeated system they have always make the tech look bad and is never explain or train on how to do better. The pay raises are a joke 2% always across the board and sometimes no raises at all the problem is they sold off the departments that were making this company money. You have to work every holiday unless you request it off you always have put in your vacation for the year and whatever you don't use you lose. The ATM's are not made to work on at all the parts are so hard to get or find you end up having to stop what you're doing to ship a part to another tech in another state. You used to be able to have parts ship to your house not anymore I find this company lacking so much in every part I don't miss it at all. Had one technician super lazy and my supervisor could care less Florida management was the poorest I have ever seen. I don't miss the GPS and the weekly reports about your driving yet making our zone smaller or better hours would never happen.Car and gas cardPoor management, pay, health benefits where a joke, GPS on car weekly driving reports, to many to list."

Tina Diebold says

"Three days ago i sent in some test strips that were dated 4-30-21 for the expiration date it says in there facts and questions on there website under what is there expiration date policy it says 4-2021. I was supposed to get $20 for my test strips and $5 for a scratch off ticket. I got $15.00 that's it. This is the second time now in a row that they short changed me. You all have to realize that they are giving you half of what your strips are worth or in my case less."

Kat says

"I never received my check."

John says

"Tried selling my test strips received email with order # and after a few days I haven t received mailing kit I called and no record of order being placed so I tried again. And received another email with confirmation. # then I went back on web site to set up account and it reads sign into your account but no link to set up account very unpleasant experience"

Tasha Bryant says

"You did not do so good because I haven't got my first check back because I seen in the box and test strips didn't get paid for it but you gave me send me another box I need my first check first before I can do another box"

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